Tornado touches down near May, reports of homes destroyed

National Weather Service and local emergency management officials will likely spend the coming days surveying the damage caused by a tornado that touched down near May Thursday evening. The touchdown was confirmed by trained weather spotters, which triggered tornado warnings for May, Blanket, Sipe Springs and Sydney.

Initial post-tornado assessments show that there were reports of homes destroyed in the storm, but a full assessment of the damage has not been conducted. In the days ahead, investigators will determine the size of the tornado, and the path that it took.

The storm that spawned the tornado was part of a larger system that produced several confirmed funnel clouds, heavy rainfall, large hail, high winds, and caused flooding over much of northern Brown and Coleman Counties, as well as southern Callahan County. Six inches of rain were reported in some areas, with flash flooding occurring in low water crossings along parts of the Jim Ned Creek and the Pecan Bayou.

That water is expected to flow into Lake Brownwood, which is 1/4 of a foot below spillway. Brownwood will not experience flooding issues until the lake level reaches 3 1/2 feet above spillway.