Suspicious package at Early High School draws police response

In a press release to Wendlee Broadcasting, Early Police Chief David Mercer said that a suspicious package found at Early High School turned out to be strings of LED lights:


On Monday 03/19/2018 at approximately 4pm the Early Police Department responded to the Early High School for a report of a suspicious package. Officials at the Early High School stated they received a package by UPS and when they opened the outer shipping package it contained 7 individually wrapped packages approximately 4x4x7 inches in size. The School stated they have never received anything that looked like these packages and were not expecting anything that should be packaged like these. Officers checked the return address label which indicated an electronics store in California but no business name was on the return label. The school did not show any record of an order from this location.

School had released for the day but all after school activities on campus had to be canceled in order to evacuate the building. The Abilene Police Department Bomb unit responded to the High School and examined the package. An x-ray of the package was taken and examined which revealed rolls of wiring. It was determined that the package was not a threat at which time the package was opened and revealed strings of LED lights in the package.

Although it was an inconvenience for the after-school activities, the evacuation was necessary to insure the safety of the students and faculty due to the recent events and the unexplained circumstances proved that this was the only option.