Local News – For The Heart of Texas

At Wendlee Broadcasting, we consider NEWS as the core of a News-Talk station.

Wendlee Broadcasting of Brownwood Texas has affiliations with National Networks such as CBS, NBC, AP Radio News, and Independent Radio News.  

Wendlee Broadcasting also maintains affiliations with the Texas State Network which specializes in the stories for and about Texas.    But the people of Brownwood, TX and the surrounding area are turning more and more to our Local and Area News for the stories that affect them and their neighbors.

Leland Acker gathers and delivers our news daily, serving as our news director.


“A sleeping dog on Main Street is more newsworthy than anything that goes on in Washington.”


That saying by one of his college professors has shaped the career of News Director Leland Acker. While the actions of Congress, and the Texas Legislature capture a lot of attention from the national media, the actions by the local city council, school board, and county commissioners have far greater impact on the lives of Brownwood area residents. With that understanding, Leland relentlessly covers local meetings, interviews public officials, and then reports what he has learned so that our listeners know what is going on, and how it will affect them. Leland majored in Political Science at Kilgore College in Kilgore, Texas, before transferring to Stephen F. Austin, where he was introduced to the radio business.

You may contact Leland at: Leland.acker@wendlee.com


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