Largent, Lang debate local representation

The race for State Representative for HD 60 got into full swing today as the three candidates in the Republican Party presented their campaigns on the KXYL Morning News. Granbury ISD Superintendent Dr. Jim Largent said he entered the race over frustration that State Rep. Mike Lang was not representing local interests, saying that Rep. Lang barely interacted with local leaders.

“Go ask your mayor, your city councilman, your county judges and commissioners, go ask those people, ‘How many times have you had a discussion with Mike?'” Largent said. “What I’m getting when I go around our district, is that once Mike was elected, he was an absentee legislator.”

Lang countered, drawing a distinction between being absentee, and disagreeing with local leaders over issues.

“We’ve been out as much as possible talking to all the elected officials we can,” Lang said. “They come down to Austin, they have groups that come down to Austin. We speak to them quite a bit. There’s a difference between being absent, and truly understanding what’s going on. You may say I’m absent or not there, but that’s because you disagree with the way I feel about local spending and local control. Local spending is out of control.”

The third candidate in the race, Coleman resident Greg Risse, bypassed the debate over Rep. Lang’s presence in the district, instead focusing on his own platform of increasing healthcare benefits for teachers, and raising teacher and first responder retirement pay. Risse also discussed his support for border security and immigration reform.

The three candidates are vying for the Republican nomination for State Representative for HD 60. With no Democrats running, the winner of the Republican Primary will be the presumed winner in November. Primary election day is March 6. Early voting will be Feb. 19-March 2.