Early Police Respond to Domestic Violence Reports

On 05/13/18 at approximately 11:15pm officers responded to a call of a domestic violence call at an apartment in the 100 block of Sudderth Dr. Neighbors reported hearing screaming and the sounds of someone hitting the floor and walls in an apartment. When Officers arrived they also could hear screaming and yelling and loud crashing noises coming from the apartment. When officers made contact with the male and female inside, the male had a torn shirt and visible injuries along with scrape marks and redness on his face, chest and arms. The female Rowena Marie Coers who was intoxicated had been detained during the investigation was told she was under arrest for assault family violence. Coers, while handcuffed, began screaming and trying to body slam herself into officers and then began kicking both EPD Corporal Sheedy and Highway Patrol Trooper Hoy. Coers then was able to grab and pinch one officer in the groin causing pain to the officer. Coers continued to kick and attempt to hit and slam her body in an uncontrollable rage while officers were taking her to the patrol car and until placed in the patrol car. Coers was taken to the Brown County Jail where she was booked into jail for 2 charges of assault on a public servant, resisting arrest and assault with bodily injury family violence. Both officers received minor injury during the incident but did not seek medical treatment at this time.

On 05/12/18 at approximately 3:15pm Officers responded to the 200 block of East hall ct for a domestic violence call. Officers were informed that they began arguing approximately 30 minutes prior to the call. The male had received scratches and pinch marks from the argument. The female Karla Joanna Torres-Vasquesz was placed under arrest for assault family violence and taken to the Brown County Jail.