2 arrested for staying multiple days in rest area

Brownwood police arrested two individuals for allegedly staying multiple days in a roadside park next to the Pecan Bayou on East Commerce St. 32 year old Crystal Annette Bates and 56 year old Timothy McGinnis were arrested for Use of Rest Area, a violation of Texas Transportation Code 545.411, which states:

Sec. 545.411. USE OF REST AREA: OFFENSE. (a) A person commits an offense if the person remains at a rest area for longer than 24 hours or erects a tent, shelter, booth, or structure at the rest area and the person: (1) has notice while conducting the activity that the activity is prohibited; or (2) receives notice that the activity is prohibited but does not depart or remove the structure within eight hours after receiving notice.

Brownwood police reports state that Bates and McGinnis were both warned to vacate the park on Sunday. They were arrested when officers found them in the park on Wednesday.

Other police reports filed since Wednesday include:

  • Theft, 400 block of West Commerce
  • Criminal Mischief, 2400 block of Vincent
  • Fraud, 400 block of West Commerce